About Team Stegosaurus

Stegosaurus tank top and mug

Team Stegosaurus was founded in 2022 after years of disappointment experienced by the founder, Lianne. "What disappointment?" you may wonder. Simply put - why do children get so many dinosaur themed clothing options but adults have very few? 

After taking some art classes that re-sparked the creativity in her, Lianne started drawing stegosauruses. Stegosauruses have long been her favorite dinosaur and it can be stated that they are her one and only true passion in life. With many hobbies and interests, none will ever surpass her love of stegosauruses. 

However, once the creativity was sparked, Lianne quickly realized she loved drawing more than just stegosauruses. Having also taken the Life is Fascinating brand into her life, she decided to combine all retail branding under the Team Stegosaurus brand. So here we are, ready to share the love of all things on this page with the world. 

If you feel called to see one of our designs on a different product that you simply must have in your life - please let us know! We are happy to accommodate whenever possible. Who knows? Maybe you told us about something we can't live without either!